Dalmatian Coating

Dalmatian Coating Fill Paint "In winter, you run out ... hot summer, includes're leaking hot! .." That is, Capatech Dalmatian Mantolama pack of 4 seasons apply thermal insulation systems in buildings economy. This economy is many years living alone. Please note that, once built thermal insulation system. Performance of the system, the quality of material used and is directly related to the mix. Capatect all products forming the Thermal Insulation System is manufactured with Capatect expertise and advanced technology. Capatect Thermal Insulation System, experience, technology, and trust means the specialist. Capatect in Dalmatian Coating products thanks placed under administration is said to provide at least a 50% cost savings and are set to meet in a short time he spent on the system. The situation is slightly different in the Capatect Dalmaçyalı product is said the same thing for many coating systems. Because the product content to be located in the insulation of the highest quality thanks to the special insulation and allows organs to be felt in the real sense of it.

usage areas

Thin walls, made of smooth plaster, concrete, aerated concrete or self-supporting glass or acrylic paint to renovate on old or sound and heat insulation such as polystyrene and mineral wool can be safely applied on the system.

FEATURES High impact resistance> 10 joule * HIGH PROTECTION
Water vapor permeability PERFECT VIEW HIGH DESIGN

Fill Paint Capatect Dalmatian Thermal Insulation Board 2 cm Carbon (sodium D = 0.333 W / mK), 16 kg / m³ density, B1, Aged Door and Window Centers için25 Quantity (12.5m²) Capatect Dalmatian Thermal Insulation Board 3 cm 30 kg / m³ density of 200 kPa Compressive strength, 0.3% water absorption Basically, flooding and terraces for 20 pieces (14.4m² Capatect Dalmatian Thermal Insulation Board 4 cm 30 kg / m³ density of 200 kPa Compressive strength, 0.3% water absorption Basic superintendent new and Terraces 15K Each (10.8m²) Capatect Class A1 4cm Rockwool Thermal Insulation Board, Fireproof, sound proof
Class 5 cma1 Capatech Rockwool Thermal Insulation Board, Fireproof, sound proof Dalmatian Capatech
Thermal Insulation Board 7 cm Carbon (sodium D = 0.333 W / mK), 16 kg / m³ Density B1, Aged 7 Piece (3.5m²) Istanbul, which is ideal for environmental and climate: 4 cm 16 density density thermal insulation is used, depending on .İsteg lavha 16-32 density and density from 3 to 8 cm thick insulation boards available. Extra sound insulation rock wool in your house if it is used in the exterior and interior wall insulation plate.


Rutubetsiz provides comfortable living conditions with a homogeneous heat distribution.
Thermal insulation sheathing applied to the exterior of the building is the name given to the system. Capatect exterior sheathing, introduced in recent years in our country for many years jacketing process is used as the standard for energy-saving The patented and other European countries. The reason for Turkey to arrive late this much, while an energy exporting country that we have come to a country that imported energy. Keep in mind that we quickly run out of energy resources in the world if we can not make our building jacketing necessary on behalf of energy saving will be to our advantage.