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İzmir Jamb Ayrancılar in 2000m2 covered 3000m2 total area of 5000m2 frame and Sheathing thermal insulation and decorative materials has been established to operate in the open field production.
Since it was established, we made efforts and our goal of customer satisfaction with the arrival today başardık.b industry first Zone with serving, especially in Izmir region we have established and all Turkey Material Sales, has been operating as
Our main activity is thermal insulation is especially Aegean Region compared to other regions stand at less known and implemented. However, the future of our country and the thermal insulation should be ignored in terms of savings to be made on an individual basis is an issue. During the construction of the new building by the new energy law, it is obliged to make thermal insulation in old buildings until 2018
Various insulation materials for thermal insulation is used. They can be most easily implemented, so that can cost you the most affordable price (labor and time saving on site) and the most beautiful visuals which may have Fungi and parasites the jacketing, insulation is pressure ( jacketing can be prepared in various decorative shapes).
the sheathing is used for many years in the EU and ozone-depleting gases emitted by XPS, EPS fugal the grounds of rendering systems is preferred. Swearing applications are the most important factors to increase the visual quality and value of the building. Building Your building with jambs, even if old and the sheathing will be much more elegant and valuable.